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Ron Paul Curriculum Review: A Paradigm Shift

If you’ve decided that homeschooling is the right choice for you and your family – you’ve made a big decision that needs care and attention in order to be implemented properly. This Ron Paul Homeschool review is meant to give you as much information as possible so that you can make a decision as far as if it’s right for you. Homeschooling can be a great way to provide students with a bespoke education that fits their specific needs and ability. It can help them prevent being swallowed-up in an education system that puts results before actual learning.

That being said – you need to make sure you’ve got everything in place to make sure a homeschooled kid gets the absolute best education possible. While you’re probably already putting a lot of thought into specific lesson plans and have a broad view of the sort of curriculum that needs to be provided – in this Ron Paul Home School review article, we’re going to look at a homeschooling tool that could take your homeschooling education efforts to the next level.

As you can see, there are tons of different tools and apps that can help improve education possibilities – and kids have all the research potential they need at their fingertips. But computers do still come with distractions, and if you’re spending a lot of time on one – these could start to get in the way.

 You can set up your system to block certain applications and make it so that your computer can only be used for productive tasks during the school day. Not only that, you can monitor and adapt overall computer usage to make sure your kids aren’t spending too much total time plugged in.

While the computer has become the centre of a homeschool education – you should still try and mix things up a bit and plan for some off-line education time.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is a great way to supplement the classes you’ve already planned out with an affordable and extensive range of online courses and classes. They include tons of resources for lots of different subjects, including math and history. Courses are taught online by highly qualified professionals. While homeschooled kids could still have direct person-to-person learning time, Ron Paul Curriculum can be a great way to supplement that learning.

A self-taught Curriculum

Traditional educational environments typically proceed at a pace determined by the teacher and the comprehension level of the kids in the class. The Ron Paul Curriculum is completely different. As a self-taught curriculum, students essentially teach themselves using the materials provided. There is a heavy emphasis on original sources. If a student is stuck, he is expected to search for answers himself or discuss the problem with his peers through a forum. The expectations are high but when we provide kids the opportunities to achieve on their own, they tend to surprise us.

The Focus

Anyone remotely familiar with Ron Paul and has reviewed his work won’t be surprised to learn that his curriculum includes a focus on free-market economics, writing, public speaking and leadership skills. According to him, students will learn the following:

Liberty vs. Coercion in Western History

How to defend the Freedom Philosophy

What it takes for success in College

How to start a Home Business

The rigorous courses are prepared by respected, experienced experts in their field, including college professors and widely-published authors. 

The Ron Paul Curriculum shares some features with so-called academies and other online courses that pass themselves off as institutions of higher education. However, the people responsible for the Ron Paul Curriculum are serious scholars and educators whose primary intent was not to create a money-making gimmick but to enable parents and students across the country to access a first-rate education at a highly affordable price.

The Ron Paul Homeschool Review Curriculum consists of thousands of lessons of video-based courses, which can be viewed by the student online. The coursework mostly consists of writing assignments, which the students are encouraged to post on their own blog sites. This reliance on blog-style essays as coursework serves two main purposes. The first is that students are often more apt to try their best at any given assignment when they know that it will be posted online for the whole world to see. Second, the creation of a blog-like record of one’s assignments serves as a great portfolio to demonstrate a student’s ability, not only to universities but also to any prying truancy officers that may be sent out to harass homeschoolers.